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just the rambling thoughts of a fool on the hill

love is, so are you

I will progress each day
by dealing with the life that I have created
in a calm considerate and loving manner,
ever conscious
that each moment of thought, decision,
word and deed
will create my coming moments, days and years.

Jay Ross



Welcome To My World
Though I know it's your world too
Spend some time with me
And I'll share some thoughts with you

I'll tell you what I've seen
What I think and what I feel
I use the words of Gandhi
And John Lennon because they're real

It's not my story after all
It's the tale of everyone
All the children of the world
The children of the sun

The people of the planet earth
The flowers, rocks and trees
The truth is all around us
It doesn't come from me

I am just a messenger
A fool upon a hill
I'll speak with words or pictures
I'll shout and I'll be still

Here then are the answers
To some questions I have asked
Read them if you want to
If not; well then just pass

There's nothing new here after all
It's all been said before
It's just repeated and rephrased
And will be forevermore

Jay Ross
Jay Ross

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