just the rambling thoughts of a fool on the hill

The Poetry of Jay Ross


Jay Ross, former editor for Indian Bay Press (publisher of Poesia poetry journal), lives peacefully in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where he spends as much time as possible in the garden with his beloved wife and muse Dabney Rose.

Jay's first published collection of poetry, Being Love / Estar Enamorado, was published in English and Spanish by Indian Bay Press. In it Jay portrayed Love as the source of all life including our 'Selves'. Through his poetry, one is able to journey through the many and varied aspects of love to experience the All of Love, "Being" Love.

His poetry continues to reflect love in it's many manifestations, revealing it within himself, within others, indeed, within all life. His words encourage us to look for love, even in the mist of conflict, and directing the energy of love to turn conflict into coordination and eventually cooperation.

Jay is also a Vietnam era veteran who feels a deep sense of sorrow at what he believes has been a betrayal of the ‘American Dream’ by selfish and arrogant political and business leaders and the betrayal of well meaning spiritual seekers by self-serving and ignorant religious leaders.

Many of his newer works have expressed a sense of dismay at this and the way so many Americans blindly follow these leaders like sheep; repeating patterns reminiscent of Nazism and Fascism; and all too alarmingly similar to political and religious fanaticism throughout history and around the world, which we so fervently denounce in others. He works to remove the illusion of "Us / Them" separateness allowing us to experience the All of Us.

Jay’s words reflect the heart of a gentle and caring man who is concerned about the un-heeded lessons of history, as they continue to resurface in the current events of our planet. In his newest book No Matter What We've Learned Jay exposes some of our most obvious and horrific misdeeds, while offering potential paths to a brighter day.

this is your universe. Enjoy it.

          WE'VE LEARNED

I lovingly refer to this book as 'social commentary in the form of poetry. Written during the GW Bush years, this collection largely takes aim at some of our most obvious and horrific misdeeds, and the 'evil deed doers' who were perpetuating them; while continuing to offer potential paths to a brighter day.

From No Matter What We've Learned to The Alchemist, this short but powerful collection leads us on an emotional roller coaster ride through amazement and outrage, to hope and, as usual, back to Love. Sometimes even the obvious is not so obvious unless it is pointed out so I have attempted to lay the truth (as it appears to me) bare for all to see. Or not... as I state in the poetic, sometimes humorous, sometimes distressing Disclaimer

"...All this stuff
is just the ramblings
of a self proclaimed ‘Fool on The Hill’
with nothing better to do with his time
than write poetry "

So take it or leave it,
but take it with a grain of salt;
                Jay speaks;
                                    but you don't have to listen


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No Dream is Impossible

this is your universe. Enjoy it.

"Being Love" "Estar Enamorado"
A Collection of Poetry in English and Spanish
Jay Ross

This collection of poems explores Love as an idea and an ideal; as a personal emotion and as Divine energy. Using poetry as the thread, I attempt to weave romance and philosophy together to reveal a single tapestry of desire, hope, and fulfillment through the exploration and expression of Self.

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"Being Love" "Estar Enamorado

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