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Sacred Space


I move within your Sacred Space
And you move within mine
It travels With our bodies
It travels In our minds

It lives within our hearts
We create it as we go
It’s made with every thought we think
We reap just what we sow

Every feeling that we feel
Reflects what we believe
What you see Is what you get
It Is what you perceive

What you perceive is up to you
It’s based upon our thoughts
Is it good or is it bad
Do you feel found or lost

We decide what is real
By how we think and feel
About this very moment
We Choose “What Is The Deal”

We say if it’s good or bad
That we are in this place
And if the place is good or bad
If it’s “Sacred Space”

You can choose to see
All the beauty that abounds
In a flower long since wilted
Now returning to the ground

Or you could see the death and loss
Of beauty long since gone
And choose to feel the sorrow
As if you had to mourn

But flowers come and flowers go
That’s the beauty of the flower
Not that it is Here Still
They’re fresh with every hour

They come just like they always have
In every month and year
They form and endless cycle
Of Goodness and of Cheer

Season after Season
As they have throughout all time
They come again and bring us Joy
And we can feel just fine

We can feel this goodness
As we watch the flowers wilt
Returning to the soil
Where the next ones will be built

With all the beauty and the essence
Of those that came before
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
They will rise forever more

So all that ever has been
Is here yet still today
And nothing that ever has been
Has ever passed away

We are all we’ve ever been
And all we ever will be
Right here in this moment
Now if we could just see

That we’re part of this cycle
That moves throughout all time
Connecting us together
In rhythm and in rhyme

Keeping us in balance
When we feel scared or lost
Or think that we are dying
And that we’ll pay the cost

Of passing into oblivion
And ceasing to exist
And feeling bad for the loss
Of this life that we’ve kissed

We could feel the glory
Of every moment of our lives
Even when we’re wilting
We can know that we’re alive

Alive in every moment
Alive in every case
And choose with joy to think and feel
That This is “Sacred Space”

Then bring this knowing with us
As we travel on this earth
And see in every moment
The miracle of birth

And feel the joy you feel
Holding New Life in your hands
Make it what you will
It’s You it understands

It’s You that it will listen to
Your thoughts, but most your feelings
Your space will be what you perceive
Be it calm or be it reeling

So always in your mind
See the beauty of this place
And always in your heart
Know that this Is “Sacred Space”


To listen

to Jay Ross recite Sacred Space at First Lutheran Church in Greensboro North Carolina go to www.FirstLutheran.com ... click on Worship ... scrol almost to the bottom and look for “Sacred Space” by Jay Ross ... click on Audio ...





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