just the rambling thoughts of a fool on the hill

James Patrick (Jay P.) Ross
Born to Robert (Bob) Joseph Ross
Margaret (Peggy McDonald
) Ross
March 17th 1950 in Harrison, New Jersey
J. P. Ross Lincoln Elementary Harrison NJ 1964
Jay Ross Graduation Harrison HS 1968
In 1964 it was J.P.
In 1968 it was Jay


Jay Ross 1969


Jay Ross France 1970

Then into the Navy
And off to Europe


Jay Ross Maryland 1973


Jay and Jason Ross New York City 1976

A few years on The Road
And onto Fatherhood


Jay Ross Mulberry River Arkansas mid 1980s


Jay Ross springfest 1998 Fayetteville AR

Sometimes Making Bubbles
Sometimes Making Music


Jay Ross Beaver Lake Arkansas mid 1990s
But always searching
and always finding

There are no ordinary moments.
There are no ordinary People.
There is no one more special than YOU.


Greetings to all from The Piedmont of North Carolina.

May Peace and Love fill your hearts and homes.
May you understand the concept of Oneness so that you never feel alone.
May you Re-Member just how beautiful you really are.


Your brother, father, cousin, uncle, nephew, in-law
and/or friend
Jay Ross



Jay Ross "at home in the forest"on Round Mountain Arkansas May 2002

"You are only as powerful as you are joyous in the moment."

Jay and Dabne Rose on their wedding day
Jay and his Muse Dabne Rose got Married on May 8th 2005

Ordination Credentials Sept, 2000
Credentials of Ministry

Thanks to my cousin Jimmy Russell
My Great-grandparents
Theresa (Hughes) Ross, James Ross




Dabney Rose

I don't ride to be one of the boys!


Being Love
(a book by Jay Ross)


No Matter What
We've Learned

(Jay's latest book)

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