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Winter Solstice 2006
The Legacy and Love of Nick Masullo

(Nick Masullo was and is one of the brightest lights this planet has ever known. After six years of dealing with MS, Nick left this planet on Sept. 6th 2008)

Dear Nick

You are born again…
In me.

And there, you will live
As long as I do.

You will live in the hearts
And minds
Of those whom I will touch,
As I have been touched
By you.

Love cannot die.
And you, my friend,
Are Love.
Because you my friend
Have Loved.

But, if one were to count all the days,
All the hours, all the minutes;

Count all the men,
All the women, all the children;

Count all the times
And all the ways
That you have loved,
One would only begin… to grasp.

No measure of humankind
Can approach the Love
That IS
And has been
Nick Masullo.

Everyone that you have touched
Knows this Love.
Everyone that you have touched
Feels this Love.

Everyone that you have touched
Is evidence that Love…
Will not die.

You my friend will live forever
In the hearts and minds
Of those,
Like me,
Whom you have touched
Through these many years.

To paraphrase a wise and dear friend:

‘…It really matters who you touched
And it matters that you give
We’re all blessed because you tried
It made a difference
That you lived…’

I will re-member this Nick,
As I walk My walk.
And I will re-member this,
As I talk My talk.

I will remember this,
And become an integral part
Of the Legacy
That Is and will Always be
The Love…of Nick Masullo.

As long as this love is alive
Then you are alive.

And when I can no longer look
Into Your eyes,
I will look into those eyes and those hearts
Where Your Love lives on.
And I will say again, and again, and again,
As I say to you now,

Thank you Nick
For Being You





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