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love is, so are you

At Play in The Fields of The Lord
acrylic on canvas by Dabney Ross

Chrome and Steel
a poem by Jay Ross
(on the occasion of my wife's first motorcycle)

Pegasus came on her birthday
this horse of chrome, steel and leather,
nicknamed for her childhood hero

he brought a pink jacket, gloves and a helmet

the chaps were from her last pony
boots were there, but optional
gym shoes were more her style, but we would have to see

after half a century of living
and decades of wanting
she straddled her new friend and old love
and they took each other for a ride

one gear at a time
they ratcheted up their relationship
and their faith in each other

I was just her husband, and in no position to question
this love,
this passion,
this need

all I could do was to watch
and hold tight to my faith
that our love was as sacred as ever
and like the Pegasus of her youth,
she would fly with her new found freedom
and return safely
to my side.


Dabney Rose

La Femme Biker, Fragrance by Dabney Rose
I don't ride to be one of the boys!



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