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Jay Ross
Fayetteville AR
June 10, 2005

Ode to The Mountain Inn

Once there was a Mountain Inn
And then there was no more
The wrecking balls and track hoes came
And into it they tore

They crumbled up the concrete
And crushed it into bits
Hauled it off in big ole trucks
And dumped it into pits

They crushed up all the windows
And threw out all the doors
Hauled off all the ceilings
And hauled off all the floors

No longer was there roof top
No longer was there pool
No longer would kids see this building
On their way to school

They tore it down to level ground
Until there was no more
They said we had to tear it down
Cause it was an eye sore

A new hotel will now be built
It really will be neat
Big and tall and pretty
Like the one across the street

But that one is half empty
But only half the time
I’m not quite sure, what’s half of half,
But I guess that it’s fine

To tear down well built buildings
And covered parking decks
And build another in its place
Though I am a bit perplexed

How can dollars make any sense
When we bulldoze them to the ground
Then thirteen million latter and
A flat spot's all that’s found

I guess its economics that
The rich guys understand
Build it up then tear it down
Pretend you have a plan

Just don’t let the people know
You plan to line your pockets
And a big deposit in the bank
Is all that’s on your docket


As of September of 2008, the only "progress" that has been made, is that now instead of an empty lot, for the past year there has also been a big hole in the ground that fills with several feet of water after rain helping to support the mosquito population of our fair town.

Oh yea, they also put up one of those giant cranes which they leased for $22,000 per month (yes I said per month). They kept it up for one year and then took it back down. That's about a quarter of a million dollars that got to change hands with no progress.

Now that's progress!

I got to tell you folks, I've seen congress pass bills in less time than it takes these guys to put in a foundation.

Well, December 2009 and now they have filled up the whole and put in a parking lot.


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