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The Poet and The Patriot Act

A Poem by Jay Ross

Once there was a poet
From a land across the sea.
I could not read his works though,
Cause they called him “Enemy.”

I guess it’s just like being
From the wrong side of the tracks.
Our leaders don’t like his leaders,
So they tapped us on the back,

Said you don’t want to go there boy.
You shouldn’t read his words
They sound like peace and love to you,
But we know that’s absurd.

He really is the “Bad Guy”
That your parents warned you of.
Don’t believe his peaceful words.
Don’t believe his Love.

We’re sure that he’s just lying
To get you to join up
With all those bearded terrorists
Who make bombs out of trucks.

All this talk of peace and love
Is just a bunch of shit.
We ought to just burn all his books
And do away with it.

It ought to be illegal.
In fact it already is.
The Patriot Act is what we’ve got
To put an end to this.

So if you don’t want to go to jail
With all your bearded buddies
Just read the likes of Rush Limbaugh,
And don’t tell me it’s cruddy.

Read what the Republicans
Say that you should read,
Right wing Christian scary stuff
That leads you to believe,

That it don’t matter any more
Cause like the preachers tell
You’re not worthy anyway
And you’re probably going to Hell…

This was written in response to a warning issued (in the name of the war on terrorism) by The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control to publishers about printing work by writers from countries upon which the US has imposed sanctions or works written by authors living in "enemy nations". It seems that to do so could land you criminally charged with violation of the Trading With The Enemy Act punishable by prison and fines.

It is the .belief of this author, that the only way to achieve peace in this world is to reach out with love for understanding. Hence, if we are unwilling to even listen to our, so called, "Enemies" we will never know what they think, how they feel, what they believe, or why we consider ourselves enemies in the first place.

Turning a deaf ear will NEVER increase your understanding of another. And lack of understanding will NEVER bring you closer together. Not in thought, not in philosophy and certainly not in action.

If you want peace on this planet, reach out and listen to the words and passions of the peoples of the world. It is not just about you. It is not just about us. We don't live in a vacuum. And we will continue to be haunted by "Those People" until we begin to understand each other and realize that there is no "Those People". There is only Us.


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