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The Alchemist
a poem by Jay Ross


Tell me of the alchemists
And the story that is told
Of how it is that they have learned
To turn lead into gold

Not just with bulky metals
But something much more dear
How they can turn Hate into Love
And make Joy out of Fear

Turn the weight of boredom
Into anticipation
Turn the lead of anger
Into golden expectation

How they can go to work each day
To seeming dead end jobs
And still come home and hug their kids
And gently love their wives

Tell me how they always smile
Even at their boss
And never feel that all this time
Is really just a loss

Tell me tales of grandeur
And living at its best
Leaving all the bad behind
Embracing all the rest

Tell me how it’s up to me
That I can do it too
By loving life and doing things
That I know to be true

Tell me now how even I
Can be an alchemist
By seeing all the best in life
And making up a list

Of every wonder that I see
In each and every day
In every face I look at
In all my work and play

Tell me if I learn to see
The good in everything
That I can find the magic
That causes hearts to sing

Then even when it seems
That there is darkness all around
I’ll know love is always there
And Joy can still be found

And when the tale is finished
The story has all been told
I’ll use my Love to turn the lead
Of my fears
Into Gold



Experience Alchemy Gold by Dabney Rose
This face/aura spray is both soothing and energizing at the same time. For me it is an incredible experience.


Being Love
(a book by Jay Ross)


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We've Learned

(Jay's latest book)

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