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The Warriors of Peace
by Jay Ross

All the Warriors of Peace who have come have tried
to say it doesn’t matter who’s on which side.

Who is the Muslim, the Christian, the Jew?
Yellow race? Red race? Red state or Blue?

It is only through fear that you're lead toward hate.
There's no fear in love; and it's never too late.

They offer their message for 'those who have ears'.
And for those who listen, the message rings clear.

Not one child is born on all of this earth
who is not blessed, as you, from the moment of birth.

Not in all of the time that ever has past,
and not… for as long as eternity lasts.

And each, now, is doing what they think to be best.
Though, some often don’t see things the same as the rest.

(But) To them you must listen, their stories to hear.
Let your mind be your eyes. Let your heart be your ears.

Discuss how you differ in thought, word and deed,
but all share the same hopes, the same fears and needs.

Seek broader perspectives, because from the right view
what is best for your neighbor is what's best for you too.

You all want to be free to make your own choices.
You all want your hopes, fears and needs to have voices.

You all want your children to be healthy and safe.
You all want your home to be your ‘Sacred Space’.

You all need good food and clean water to drink.
You need clean air to breathe and a clear mind to think.

You need peace in your heart, your mind and your soul
to be able to see… we're all parts of one 'Whole'.

And, what’s best for one… is what’s best for the other.
As the ‘Family of Mankind’…you are sisters and brothers.

So find peace within. To your neighbor then give
the chance to find peace in the place where they live.

Don’t try to force it; just allow it to flourish.
Plant seeds of hope… and then, with love, nourish.

Your world is your garden; and you share what you’ve grown
as you reap in the harvest of the seeds you've all sown.

So sow your seeds wisely, with love and with care.
Tomorrow comes the harvest…

What do you want to share?

Copyright Jay Ross 2001

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